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The Adelle Onyango Initiative and Carolina for Kibera need your help to create Safe 24/7 - a FREE group therapy program and support group for survivors of rape.



As a rape survivor, Kenyan media personality Adelle Onyango knows first hand how important therapy is when healing from trauma.

However, therapy is very expensive. This is why Adelle and The Adelle Onyango Initiative have teamed up with Carolina for Kibera to create Safe 24/7 - a FREE group therapy program, facilitated by trained professionals, that survivors of rape will attend once a week, for 10 weeks. The survivors will also receive a toolkit that has coping mechanisms for them to use even after their time in the group therapy program has concluded.

To make Safe 24/7 a reality, we, are fundraising. We need 4,000 people to donate 350 Kenya shillings ($3.50) each, to make sure that 30 survivors of rape go through the 10-week program and also to help us set up and run a support group for an additional 50 survivors of rape.

You can donate below or through the MPesa Paybill: 891300 Account Number: 36348.

Please donate whatever you can, share this page, and you too will show that you believe that every woman deserves to be safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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